Trekking in Lucca fun and discovery in Tuscany

Trekking in Lucca is the best way to admire the many beautiful historical and architectural landscapes scattered throughout the territory.

The long walks are a pleasant way to enjoy the atmosphere of the city that has a very special bond with its countryside, having been one of the essential stops along the Via Francigena. The pilgrims on their way towards Rome were eager to honour the wooden crucifix of the Volto Santo (Sacred Face), still preserved in the Cathedral of San Martino.

The enchanting “walls promenade” will let you see the old town, its narrow streets, towers and churches from atop while strolling along for about four kilometres.

Trekking in Lucca, all journeying with our last minute proposals to visit Tuscany. Our last minute offers in Tuscany are the ideal way to reach out to conquer a charming Tuscan village, to be savoured slowly in every detail. The paths lead you among the green of the Serchio River Park, a space where to experience the pleasure of three different routes into environment and history. Then off to the splendour of nature with beautiful journeys in Garfagnana and Apuan and Apennine mountains, breathtaking views that will ravish your heart.