Nordic Walking in Tuscany

The Nordic Walking discipline finds in Lucca the chance for admiring closely some of the most beautiful landscapes of Italy, breathing pure air and having a good sport time.

Give in to the pleasure of fitness and the pursuit of psychological wellbeing among breathtaking contexts. Explore a number of available paths, characterized by different durations and difficulties to choose from depending on your preparation.

Nordic Walking in Lucca, dipped in a wonderful weekend in Tuscany. Nordic walking is the perfect choice for a weekend in Tuscany during which you will know the territory in its history, nature and tradition, enjoying the ancient flavours and discovering the old crafts. Among the most exciting trails are certainly those of the Apennines along the border with Emilia, the Silk Road to the land of the Camellias, the clearing of Santallago, the beach of Marina di Vecchiano to the Serchio mouths, the Pizzorne hills of Valgiano, the Parole d’Oro on Monte Pisano slopes, the mountain separating Pisa and Lucca, and of course the stunning Apuan Alps.

Nordic walking