Wine Tours in Tuscany discover the fun outdoor entertainment and tasty food. Now you know what to do in Lucca

If you are wondering about what to do in Lucca, the attractive, scenic environment, the wealth of fascinating and charming places and the variety of events organized throughout the countryside will provide you with the chance of spending pleasant days in contact with nature.

The characteristics of the Tuscan hills, the countryside and the nearby mountains allow to plan exciting trekking, horse riding and cycling events to experience every corner of the area, while the Apuan Alps are well suited to Nordic walking.

Get carried away by the food and wine tours in Tuscany, to do in Lucca. The food and wine tours in Tuscany are the unmissable paths in search of the perfect flavour and taste, to be tracked veering towards the close and traditional farms Montechiari, Valgiano and Terre del Sillabo. The symbols of the typical regional production can be appreciated by tasting of extra virgin oils, wines and honeys, each time creating innovative and surprising combinations. Participation to the olive harvest is another way to know the local culture more fully.

Things to do