Special offers in lucca

Special offers in Lucca for a weekend in Tuscany

Tenuta San Pietro proposals are the means for living an unforgettable holiday in a hotel renowned and fascinating, included in the prestigious Condé Nast 2012 guide and a member of "Relais du Silence" chain.

The different packages of special offers were designed to give fun, excitement and entertainment, allowing guests to discover the wonderful regional culture, accompanying them in a relaxing, tasty and joyful journey. The cuisine is a true epitome of flavours, enhanced by delicious dinners with tastings of extra virgin olive oil during the early evening of cheese and wine into the next afternoon.

  Special offers in Lucca, the dream promotion for a weekend in Tuscany

The weekend in Tuscany on horseback is ideal for nature and animal lovers, who have their way to live one-hour walks, with insurance, in the enchantment of the countryside and the hills of Lucca. Fans of fitness and relaxation will be spoilt for choice by our wellbeing offer, featuring a long Californian massage, including a chocolate tasting and a one-person access to the Ego Wellness Center Resort, just 15 kilometres.

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