Vegetarian Restaurant in Lucca many healthy delights in an elegant Hotel for Weddings in Tuscany

The culinary corner at Tenuta San Pietro is also an excellent vegetarian restaurant in Lucca, a point of reference for all those who follow alternative diets, healthy but certainly no less tasty.

Once again, the strong experience, imagination and skill in the kitchen led by Chef Guido can create delicious recipes, able to make the Mediterranean and Tuscan traditions meet originating new ideas and funny combinations. The result is an increasingly rich proposal, supplemented by vegetables and spices grown in our own garden, such as tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and eggplant.

Vegetarian Restaurant in Lucca, the discovery of taste in a cosy Hotel for Weddings in Tuscany. To further enrich our proposals, typical Garfagnana products intervene, such as spelt, cheese and beans, in addition to the eight rows corn flour and that of chestnuts. One of the most important points our hotel for weddings in Tuscany boasts about is that of making specialties for the celiac upon request. A special corner with gluten-free items, from pasta to bread to desserts, offers at any time the possibility of creating healthy dishes.

Vegetarian Menu