Lucca Restaurant for communions celebrations and entertainment in the Relais du Silence in Tuscany

Our Lucca restaurant for communions lies in the heart of the beautiful estate Tenuta San Pietro overlooking the relaxing views of the Tuscan hills, is just a few kilometres from the city.

The location makes it a particularly attractive place to celebrate any type of ceremony and crown the memorable moments of one’s life. But it is also a perfect choice for evenings of fun and carefree, spending time with friends, surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere and delighted by Chef Guido Lotti dishes.

Relaxation and excellent cuisine at the Countryside Resort in Tuscany. The opportunity to participate to special events, like our theme dinners, will let you dive into the rediscovery of ancient flavours and recipes. A dinner based on pizza or pasta to appreciate two national monuments, heightened by the genuineness of the products. Or a party made in conjunction with the traditional olive harvest, the best chance to savour the extraordinary local goodness. Always, a true celebration of taste that makes this the ideal habitat where to establish the right relationship with food.

Theme Dinners