Settembre lucchese 2013

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Settembre Lucchese 2013

The Settembre Lucchese 2013, the long-awaited event which has become a classic in Tuscany, it is almost arrived. The appointment is for Sunday, September 1 for a series of manifestations that will keep us company for over a month, reaching until the first weeks of autumn.
Concerts, conferences and events of various kinds will enliven daily life in the city, which will be further enhanced by two extraordinary moments, such as the start of the race of the World Cycling Championships and the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the historic walls of Lucca.
The highlight is, according to tradition, the religious festival with illuminations of 13/09 along the streets of the historic centre.
But in general the points of interest are many, among which there are the exhibitions of Orio Dal Porto and "L'emigrazione dei figurinai", the famous events "Murabilia", "Notte in verde", "Fashion in Pfanner", "Market of Antiques", "Lucca Comics and Games", without forgetting the appointments dedicated to cinema, culture and theatre.