Murabilia 2013 in lucca

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Murabilia 2013 in Lucca treat yourself to a fantastic stay for the flower show

murabilia 2013 in LuccaMurabilia 2013 in Lucca gives you appointment from Friday 6 to Sunday, 8 September with the 13th edition. This extraordinary and colorful event takes place in the beautiful location of Lucca, between St. Regolo bulwark, the tree-lined path (linking St Regolo and La Libertà bulwarks), La Libertà bulwark, Cairoli gate and the Botanical Garden, with the city walls ready to become a genuine part of a manifestation whose botanical themes will be:
• The plants since the sixteenth century 
• 500...roses
• Agave
Among the features of Murabilia 2013 in Lucca, we suggest a much shorter route, which will allow the public to approach with much more ease to the stands and the sectors reserved to the purchase.
Exhibitions, side areas and cultural events dedicated to botany, horticulture and green, in addition to specific appointments with leading international industry.
Among the special meetings 2013 there are: "Le Laelia Rupicole di Carlos Espejo", "Crug Farm Plants" e "Pepiniere Issa".
Murabilia is just few minutes away from the 4 star hotel Tenuta San Pietro, and it can be visited after purchase of ticket the day 06/09 (12:00 to 19:30), and in the days 07-08/09 (09:30 - 19:30).