Holidays in Lucca Italy an exciting trip with a four star hotel in Tuscany

Wonderful holidays in Lucca, Italy are guaranteed during your stay at Tenuta San Pietro. Several points of interest, as the Guinigi Tower, one of the city landmarks, built by the namesake family in fourteenth century and hosting real-size trees on its summit.

Among the public places, there are two famous squares, the amphitheatre, built on Roman ruins dating from the second century AD, and that of San Michele, with also the church dedicated to the saint, the main venue for the citizens.

Holidays in Lucca, Italy, emotions and relax with a four star hotel in Tuscany: The Cathedral, founded by San Frediano in the sixteenth century and rebuilt over the years, has a beautiful Romanesque – Gothic style, with a splendid façade made by Guidetto of Como. The arcade with three wide arches, bell tower, the decorations and works of art make it a stunning masterpiece.

The Puccini House Museum is a tribute and celebration of the town’s greatest composer, where are stored some of his belongings, his piano, sheet music, letters and photos. A variety of meetings take place in town during the year, from the marathon to “Comics & Games” fair, from September events to Murabilia, to Verde Mura, can be also of interest in this surprisingly alive city.