The historic villas of Lucca discovering the history of Tuscany

The historic villas of Lucca allow you to create one of the most interesting and fascinating itineraries that can be designed in the Tuscan territory.

Among the most important, there is certainly the Torregiani one, located in the municipality of Capannori, dating from the mid-sixteenth century. It is one of the most luxurious, characterized primarily by the baroque facade, much thanks to the use of polychromatic stone gray, yellow tuff, white marble and ochre plaster.

The historic villas of the Lucca area, bathe in art: The magic and elegance of our Resort in Tuscany goes well with the enchanting gardens, upscale ambiance and unique style of princely houses, visitable from March to November.

Like the Grabau in San Pancrazio, a typical mansion of the aristocracy. It strikes the visitor for its beautiful outside, rich in vegetation geometrically pruned, the mosaic decorations, the wall fountains and the central circular pool.

Villa Marlia is also one of the most famous of the surroundings. Surrounded by a large park and a garden, it is full of beauty: the clock house, the pond, the fountain spray and the Grotto of Pan.