Antique market in lucca

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Antique market in Lucca a nice appointment for an alternative day

antique market in luccaThe antique market in Lucca has now become a lovely ritual prevalent in our beautiful region and an event through which to go in search of great and little business.
Two monthly meetings during the third weekend of the month, to be precise on Saturday and Sunday, mark a moment of fun and joy in the historical city center, along the picturesque streets and views embellished with cheerful colours and sounds, with the squares of San Giusto, the Cathedral, the Church of St. John and Antelminelli to do the honors. 

Antique market in Lucca, the perfect opportunity to discover the most charming corners of the town

The antique market in Tuscany will give you the option of sifting through old collectibles which the passing of the years has given an air of elegance and charm, capable to pack a precious soul and secret at the same time.
Reachable just a few minutes from the 4-star hotel in Lucca, it is the ideal way to spend a different day, special, marked by pleasant walks, curious glances toward original pieces of art and a sense of relax that only a territory like this is able to give.