Holidays in Lucca for a wonderful romantic weekend in Tuscany

Your next holidays in Lucca at Tenuta San Pietro might be a unique opportunity for joining relaxation, joy and culture. The hotel is a cosy Relais du Silence, therefore ideal to enjoy comfort and luxury embodied into a familiar environment, but also to rediscover the tastes and flavours of yore.

Alongside the many conveniences of the facility, the surrounding area lends itself optimally for excursions and walks, trips and visits, during which to appreciate art, gastronomy and local history. Like the “Wine and Oil”, with special paths studded with flavour, taste, tradition and craftsmanship.

Holidays in Lucca, a unique experience in a romantic weekend in Tuscany. A location perfect for a sweet weekend in northern Tuscany are the nearby historic villas, elegant princely mansions of the past characterized by fine interiors, prestigious decorations and lush gardens and parks.

Way to love for culture and architectural beauty in Pisa, Florence and Siena, rich of priceless art and capable of transmitting an extraordinary sense of artistic passion. The holidays continue with many fun ideas in Versilia and the landscapes and villages of the Garfagnana and the Serchio Valley.