Wine Tasting in Lucca unmistakable aroma and colour in a restaurant for ceremonies in Tuscany

Wine tasting in Lucca is one of the unmissable activities organized within our walls, proud to testify and spread the great historical tradition of Tuscan wines.

Symbols in the field all along, our territories are able to create products of the highest level and celebrated with awards in the Lists of renowned restaurants abroad, such as the “Circus” by Maccioni, in Manhattan. Red Sangiovese and Merlot, and White Vermentino and Sauvignon, with the sweet Vin Santo closing the series, are some of the glories of our area, mentioned in the guides by Veronelli, Bolaffi, and Dallas.

Wine Tasting in Lucca, travel in style with the restaurant for ceremonies in Tuscany. The restaurant for ceremonies in Tuscany is the perfect setting to experience a tasting of top quality oenogastronomy, with a cellar boasting the best local and national foods and wines.

The courses are aimed at groups both large and small, and will be flavoured by bruschette seasoned with extra virgin olive oil from our hotel. The tastings in Lucca can continue along the Strada del Vino, the wine road, touching the cellars of Tenuta Valgiano, Montechiari and Colle Verde farms, Terre del Sillabo and Sardi Giustiniani.

Wine tasting